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AED Saves Gary Buscombe’s Life at a Boy Scout Meeting

[youtube][/youtube] Interview of Gary Buscombe, a sudden cardiac death survivor.    Boy Scouts AED save life in meeting in Tulsa, OK
He was attending a Boy Scouts Meeting, meeting collapsed, and his life was saved as a result of the Boy Scouts  having
an AED on site.
TULSA, OK — Tulsa Boy Scouts live their motto, helping to save the life of one of their own.
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Assistant Scout Master Gary Buscombe’s heart stopped at a recent scout meeting. That’s when his Troop 26 family jumped into action. Other scout leaders performed CPR on Buscombe and used a defibrillator to restart his heart.
EMSA paramedics say the men’s emergency training and fast action saved Buscombe’s life.
“When you see someone go down and you know that you have to use first aid skills, CPR skills, Boy Scout motto is to be prepared. Mottos don’t mean anything unless you have the skills to back them up,” said Gerald Bradley, Troop 26 Scout Leader.
Troop 26 honored Buscombe at Monday night’s scout meeting with a special lesson on CPR.
Gary later went  out and raised money for a Cardiac Science AED to be donated to his local Elks club.
Gary was visiting the central coast this weekend for a Pi Kappa Tau Fraternity reunion. Several of the fraternity brothers learned how to do “hands only CPR”. Patient Advocate loaned the Fraternity a live Cardiac Science AED for their event at the Mission Inn in Pismo Beach this weekend.
This is just another example of why AED’s need to be placed throughout the community… just like fire extinguishers.

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