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Be a "BAD" Patient… not a "Good" Patient?

Sometimes it pays to be a “bad” patient.   Being empowered with good information is a good thing.

Remember these three golden rules of being a “bad” patient.

1. Ask lots of questions. If you don’t understand something, ask for clarification, and if you still don’t understand, ask again. The doctor or nurse might be visibly annoyed, but that shouldn’t stop you. Remember, your health depends on your ability to comprehend what the doctor is telling you.

2. Don’t worry whether your doctor likes you. If you hesitate to do anything that might upset the doctor, such as asking lots of questions, you’re putting your health in jeopardy. While it’s a natural inclination to want to be liked, your health comes first and your popularity second.

3. Remember that this is a business transaction. You’re paying the doctor for a service; you’re not in a popularity contest. Of course, you’re respectful of the doctor, just as you’re respectful to a waitress or your car mechanic, but you don’t owe it to your doctor to be the perfect patient.



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