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Buddy Taping Broken Toes

If you think you broke your toe, check with your doctor.
If he tells you to “Buddy Tape it the info below might be helpful.
It is amazing that anything so small can cause so MUCH discomfort.  I am not a Buddy Taping expert.  It does seem to help a bit with the discomfort with the type of fracture that I have.
Home care after breaking a toe includes applying ice, elevating the foot, and rest. Medical treatment for a broken toe depends on which toe is broken, where in the toe the break is, and how severe the break is. If you do not have diabetes or peripheral arterial disease, your injured toe can be “buddy taped” to the uninjured toe next to it. Protect the skin by putting some soft padding, such as felt or foam, between your toes before you tape them together. Your injured toe may need to be buddy-taped for 2 to 4 weeks to heal. If your injured toe hurts more after buddy taping it, remove the tape.

Buddy Taping Broken Toe

Buddy Taping Broken Toe

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