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How a Nurse Navigator helps a Patient

One Patient's Story of how a Patient Advocate Nurse Navigator helps her patient How a nurse navigator helps patient Judith Nakamura after her breast-cancer diagnosis: Illustrations by Jason Schneider Explanation The nurse navigator walks through the diagnosis again with pictures…

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Be a "BAD" Patient… not a "Good" Patient?

Sometimes it pays to be a "bad" patient.   Being empowered with good information is a good thing. Remember these three golden rules of being a "bad" patient. 1. Ask lots of questions. If you don't understand something, ask for clarification,…

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How to Care for your Elderly Parent

Tips on How to Care for your Elderly Parent Be inquisitive. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Do not be embarrassed that you do not know certain medical terms or definitions. Have the doctor explain to you in plain English…

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Frustrated Patient Advocate

My frustration is extremely high tonight with the health care system.  One of my patients just needed his PET scan results, to know if the cancer had returned.  His doctor's office could not be bothered with calling him with the…

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Talking to your Doctor

lottery Always have a clipboard or a notebook, that you date each page.  That way you can go back to your previous visit notes and see what happened at the visit

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