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What is the treatment for a dog bite?

What is the treatment for a dog bite? There are three important treatment issues that need to be addressed with a dog bite: 1. the skin damage; 2. injury to underlying tissues such as muscle, nerve, and bone; 3. and…

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How to Clean Battery Corrosion and Build Up

OOPs! I have not checked my emergency preparedness kit for a while.  Tonight I discovered that my small radio had battery corrosion. What to do? From 1. Check for the corrosion and follow the corresponding directions. * Mild corrosion:…

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Buddy Taping Broken Toes

If you think you broke your toe, check with your doctor. If he tells you to "Buddy Tape it the info below might be helpful. It is amazing that anything so small can cause so MUCH discomfort.  I am not…

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