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Why should I have to hire a Patient Health Advocate-Private Case Manager, isn’t that what my physician does?
Doctors and their office staff simply aren’t allowed the time or resources to provide the extra assistance. Professional Patient Advocates and Case managers will take the time to navigate the complex medical maze, just focusing on YOUR needs. Your healthcare decisions need to be made with you not for you! When you are an active member of your healthcare team, your results will improve.

Is covered by insurance?
No. Our services are private pay. We are professional health advocates working in a privately owned company. We work directly for you and have YOUR best interest at heart.

Can I hire you on behalf of my friend or relative?
Absolutely! We often work with the friends of patients and people whose loved ones live far away or are otherwise prevented from taking care of their relative or friend in person.

Can I engage you if I don’t live in the Central Coast of California?
Yes. Assistance for patients all over the US is available. We can research your diagnosis, treatment options and available specialists. We can review your insurance plan, coverage and bills, assist you with Advanced Directives for your Health Care and get referrals for legal assistance for financial and health power of attorney.

Can you go to the doctor or hospital with me?
Yes. In-person services are available in our local area. If travel outside our area required then special arrangements can be made. Call us for more information.

What can you do for my elderly parent?
We can help find assisted living, long-term care, and local eldercare support services. Our technology can help you and your care partner team stay in touch and to be the center of communication during a prolonged illness.

Can you make a home visit?
Yes. Home visits can be scheduled. In-person services are available in our local area. If travel outside our area required then special arrangements can be made. Call us for more information.

Are you a Case Manager and Patient Advocate?
Yes, we offer both private Case Management and Patient Advocate Services.
Patient Advocates are active in ensuring that a patient can comfortably navigate the difficult medical system. They are concerned with ensuring that a patient feels prepared, informed and is at the center of the entire treatment process.

Private Case Managers focus on the more clinical details of treatment. They are concerned with lab values, medications, and treatment plans. They are often can be the medical liaison between the physician and the patient. Patient Care Managers and/or social workers are primarily concerned with the implementation of the care plan. They are often the ones to identify outside referral sources, to coordinate services and to identify community resources. They ensure that the patient gets all the treatment and services necessary. Case Managers can be helpful before, during, and after illness, as well as creating wellness plans.

What do you charge?
We schedule an initial consultation with all patients. This usually takes a couple of hours, to get all the information and data enter it. Please call us to discuss our rate schedule for all our services. 800-632-1952 9AM to 5PM PST

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