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Patient Advocate / Private Case Management Services

Do you feel you have way too much on your “plate” related to medical issues? Our Nurse Liaison Patient Advocate can help you sort through your medical issues. Some patients and family just can not deal with a “day at a time”, but they can deal with maybe an “hour at a time”, or if that is too much, most of us can get through the next five minuets with some help.

Who Needs a Patient Advocate?

  • Healthy Patients needing to get their Medical Records in order so that they can be proactive in their medical care.
  • A Patient with a newly diagnosed disease
  • A Patient going to Surgery
  • A Patient facing chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Hospice Patients
  • Family Members or Friends helping to care for the Patient
  • A patient wanting to stay well and avoid the medical system

What Does a Patient Advocate Do?

  • Patient Advocate works directly for you so we have your best interest at heart providing support, encouragement and assistance
  • Patient Advocate intercedes on behalf of the patient, working as a nurse liaison with the family, physicians, physical therapy, and many other health care agencies and insurance companies, improving communication, accessing information, addressing concerns and assisting in resolving difficulties.
  • Patient Advocate can help coordinate the patient’s health care team for the optimal benefit of the patient.
  • Patient Advocate can help create a patient care plan, so that all care givers are working together with the same information towards the same goal.
  • Patient Advocate can help empower the patient with organized medical records

Contact us for more on how our Patient Advocate can help you and information on the cost of our services.

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