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How to Care for your Elderly Parent

Tips on How to Care for your Elderly Parent
Be inquisitive. Do not hesitate to ask questions. Do not be embarrassed that you do not know certain medical terms or definitions. Have the doctor explain to you in plain English what exactly caused your parent’s chest pain rather than just taking a prescription and leaving.
Keep records. Every time you talk to a doctor, or even a nurse, have a notepad handy and take notes or use a voice-activated recorder. Make sure you record the exact term for that diagnosis, or specific instructions on what to do at home. When you are in a stressed state as you bring your parent for a doctor’s visit it is very easy to forget some important details when relaying this information to others who will be helping with the care.
Do research. Try to find out as much information on your parent’s condition as possible. Make sure you understand what it is caused by and what the long-term consequences are, so that when you talk to the doctor you are not immediately overwhelmed by the TMI syndrome (Too Much Information).
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