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How to Hire a Patient Advocate?

CNN had a segment on today about How to Hire a Patient Advocate.
August 14, 2009
How to Hire a Patient Advocate
Posted: 09:37 AM ET
From CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen
It’s Empower Me! Friday! Today we are answering a question from Leonard, a viewer who is looking to hire a patient advocate to help him get his HMO to pay for charges he says they won’t reimburse. Leonard is not alone; many other people are in the same situation. Here are some places you can go to find a patient advocate. That’s the website for the Medical Billing Advocates of America. Among other things, they offer a state-by-state guide of patient advocates. Along with helping you navigate the health care maze, Healthcare Advocacy can help manage medical debt. That’s the website for the Patient Advocate Foundation. They’re a good resource if you need assistance with specific issues with an insurer, employer and/or creditor regarding insurance, job retention and/or debt crisis matters relative to their diagnosis of life threatening or debilitating diseases. The National Patient Advocate Foundation can help you understand what the laws are in your state and the different ways it’s possible to get coverage if you’re uninsured.
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