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Why Store Medical Records Online?

Your records are SECURE and available 24/7 in Case of an Emergency.

– Your full Personal Health Record account includes a free personal fax number for both inbound and outbound faxing.

– Records from all your doctors will be viewable in your Personal Health Record account for you and your entire family.

– Any healthcare professional can simply fax medical records directly into your password-protected account.

– You can upload medical records, images, photos and other important documents into your account.

– Store & manage all your important information in a secure password-protected online personalized filing cabinet.

– You control who sees your records and how you share them. It’s 100% secure, private and confidential. -Start using your account right away!

Start Now! As little as 28¢ a day or $8.33 a month. *
Protect up to ten family members, including pets!

* Based on annual rate of $99.95. Monthly rate is less than 34 cents a day or $9.95 a month.

Call today to get the help you need  800-632-1952

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