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Metro Man Shares Remarkable Story Of Recovery After Cardiac Arrest

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Michael Jackson’s family said he suffered cardiac arrest. There are many possible causes of that including a heart attack, other heart abnormalities or drug use. Sudden cardiac arrest also took the life of a pilot in flight just last week. An Overland Park man’s story is similar, only he survived.

Continental Airlines pilot Craig Lenell died in the cockpit over the Atlantic. Pat Emmett heard the news.

“I keep thinking gee whiz, if they’d just done everything they did for me where everything worked right, would he be with us today?” Pat said.

Pat tells his story in his book, “A Second Chance.” Three years ago he was a passenger on a plane when he began feeling sweaty and clammy.

“I just collapsed and died on the spot and I was gone about five minutes I bet,” he said.

Pat said he would have been gone forever except an EMT and a nurse were sitting nearby.

They recognized Pat had gone into sudden cardiac arrest. In his case, it was caused by a heart attack, although there are many other causes.

The EMT and nurse started CPR until flight attendants could get the defibrillator that shocked pat’s heart back into its rhythm.

“Somebody was watching over Pat. There’s no question about it. That is the exception.” Dr. Martin Emert at the University of Kansas Hospital said.

Dr. Emert said 95 percent of people who suffer sudden cardiac arrest die.

“We can probably prevent 50 percent of the sudden cardiac death out there and we’re not doing that” Dr. Emert said.

Pat didn’t even need to have a defibrillator implanted. But many others who’ve had sudden cardiac arrest do so if it happens again, the heart can automatically be shocked back to a normal rhythm.

And Dr. Emert said anyone who’s had heart trouble should talk with their doctor about whether they’re at high risk for cardiac arrest and might need an implant. But the doctor and Pat said because it can happen to anyone, everyone should know CPR and how to use a defibrillator.

“I have a feeling I was sent back for other purposes, which is probably to help save lives while I’m here,” Pat said.

Pat has also started the Heart of America Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association.

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