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Mother’s Day Crafts for the Generations to Do Together

Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for generations of the family to get together and spend quality time enjoying each other’s company, and participating in activities that everyone can do it together. Being a caregiver for your aging mother is a chance for you to honor the contribution that she made to your life, and continue to show your love and appreciation for her by making her a key part of the lives of your children.
There are many Mother’s Day crafts that you, your aging mother, and your children can do together to spend a fun Mother’s Day afternoon together and create memories that will last a lifetime. These crafts are simple to do, and can be easily modified to meet the limitations and capabilities of both your aging mother and the younger generations of your family. Some of these crafts include:
Cut simple flower shapes out of construction paper. Push a pipe cleaner through the center of the flower shape and roll it down to create the center of the flower. These paper flowers can then be decorated with glitter, colored glue and other embellishments.
Create silly spring bonnets by decorating paper plates with cut out construction paper shapes, stickers, glitter, pom-poms and other embellishments. Use a hole punch to create a whole on either side of the plate and weave yarn through, tying a knot to that will secure the yarn in place. This becomes the chinstrap of the spring bonnets.
Create “stained glass” art by using a craft knife to cut shapes out of two pieces of black construction paper, gluing pieces of colored tissue paper over the shapes on one, and then covering it with the other piece of construction paper. Make sure that the shapes line up and glue the entire project together. These can be hung in windows and will fill the rooms of your home with colored light.
Setting up several fun activities to do together is a wonderful way to make a Mother’s Day you can all remember. Encourage your children and your aging loved on to write their names on their projects, along with the date. This way you can keep your projects for years to come and remember the time you spent together. When your children get older they will cherish the projects they made with their grandmother. Be sure to take plenty of pictures while you are creating the projects and after of the finished crafts with the creator.
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