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Do you feel you have way too much on your “plate” related to medical issues? A Private Case Manager Patient Advocate can help you sort through your medical issues. Some patients and family just can not deal with a “day at a time”, but they can deal with maybe an “hour at a time”, or if that is too much, most of us can get through the next five minuets.  Our Patient Care Coordinator is ready to help you NOW.

Who Needs a Patient Advocate?

* Healthy Patients needing to get their medical records in order so that they can be proactive in their medical care.
* A Patient with a newly diagnosed disease
* A Patient going to surgery
* A Patient facing chemotherapy or radiation therapy
* Hospice patients
* Family members or friends helping to care for the patient
* A Patient wanting a wellness plan to stay as healthy as possible

Call now to get the help you deserve from YOUR Patient Advocate 800-632-1952

Medical Case Management
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