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Why hire a private Patient Advocate?

Do you feel you have way too much on your plate related to your medical issues, or dealing with elderly parents? Our private Patient Advocate is a indispensable tool for both patient and healthcare providers in the optimal delivery of…

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How to Hire a Patient Advocate?

CNN had a segment on today about How to Hire a Patient Advocate. August 14, 2009 How to Hire a Patient Advocate Posted: 09:37 AM ET From CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen It’s Empower Me! Friday! Today we are…

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How to find a good patient advocate?

ny lottery They can help get an elusive doctor's appointment, research treatments, file medical paperwork, or persuade an insurance company to cover a procedure. They might also stand in for faraway relatives by accompanying an ailing person to appointments or…

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Talking to your Doctor

lottery Always have a clipboard or a notebook, that you date each page.  That way you can go back to your previous visit notes and see what happened at the visit

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