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Why hire a private Patient Advocate?

Do you feel you have way too much on your plate related to your medical issues, or dealing with elderly parents?
Our private Patient Advocate is a indispensable tool for both patient and healthcare providers in the optimal delivery of health care to increase the quality of life for the patient.
How is this accomplished?

  • Understanding the patient’s health care goals
  • Crisis Care Management  for friends and family on caring for their loved one, both in the hospital and after discharge, working  with doctors and the hospital staff on patient’s behalf
  • Developing a plan of care for treatment process, healing phase, and ongoing wellness plan
  • Assisting in obtaining and organizing the patient’s medical records
  • Providing education about treatment options and  second opinions
  • End of Life Care planning by finding palliative and other long-term care resources
  • Reviewing health insurance benefits and coordinating utilization management of the patient’s case.

Our private Patient Advocate can help the patient communicate, understand, and cope with an often confusing and scary medical process.
Our private Patient Advocate can help you sort through the clutter of  patient medical issues
Benefit: A Patient Advocate can help reduce your stress. With caring compassionate information and support, we can provide you with the piece of mind you need to make sound decisions.
Our Patient Advocate is paid by YOU, and works directly for YOU, so we have your best interest at heart providing support, encouragement and assistance.
Some patients and family members just can not deal with a day at a time.  They can deal with maybe an hour at a time, or if that is too much, most of us can get through the next five minutes.
Our Patient Advocate realizes that every moment counts in quality of life.

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