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Why should you use us as your Patient Advocate?

1. We have Experience:
We know what we are doing. We have over 26 years of professional medical experience to help provide the best solutions for you as your patient advocate private medical case manager.

2. We are Objective:
We offer objectivity that is often difficult to achieve during times of medical crisis.

3. We are Knowledgeable:
When navigating the healthcare system, it may feel like you are in a maze. We help guide you in the process of making sound decisions. We have extensive knowledge about the health care system, and can assist you with resources, and implementation of your choices

4. We genuinely Care and are Compassionate:
Having been patients ourselves, and we *GET IT!*
We strive to offer the most empathetic Nurse Navigatior care available, and will offer you the most
impartial options while keeping your viewpoint in mind.

5. We are available:
You know when you contact us by phone or email that you will get a personal and timely response. We know that some issues are crisis-driven and require a quick response from your patient advocate private medical case manager.

6. Benefit:
We help reduce your stress. With caring compassionate information and patient advocacy support, we can provide you with the piece of mind you need to make sound decisions and participate in all decisions about your treatment

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